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UNFUG / Drivepitcher – Trofast / Schweben [GIB021]

UNFUG / Drivepitcher – Trofast / Schweben [GIB021]

Label: Gibbon Records

Release date: 2015-12-07

Catalog number: GIB021

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Trofast (Original Mix)
Schweben (Original Mix)
Trofast (Wolfgang Thums Remix)
Wolfgang Thums, Unfug
Schweben (Bootleg Ben Remix)
Bootleg Ben, Drivepitcher

An EP featuring the sounds of beautiful melodic techno. We present to you Unfug with his deep and emotive track ‘Trofast’ deep, brooding melancholic yet smooth and hopeful at the same time, Unfug takes us on a nice journey of distant guitars laid over deep electronic percussion and FX.
Wolfgang Thums turns in his take on this and gives us a lesson in true electronica style. Taking the hopeful yet distant vibe of the original, he weaves a trip full of emotional turns and twists. One for the true connoisseur of music as well as dancing.
On the flip-side of things we present to you Drivepitcher, and his original track ‘Schweben’. A melodic techno track aimed squarely at the dark and deep dancefloor of the late twisted night. Trumpeting melodies entwined with dark and pulsing vocal pads and subtle chord progression layered in too this really is a track that will be a focal point in any set.
Bootleg Ben finishes things up with his vision of ‘Scchweben’, and in tru Bootleg Ben style he takes things into warmer and more rounded feeling territory whilst managing to maintain the heaviness of the original. Later developing into a groove and twisted almost psychedelic territory that is guaranteed to get people not only moving but onto the floor too.