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Benwaa – Sleeper Hold (The Remixes) [GIB010]

Benwaa – Sleeper Hold (The Remixes) [GIB010]

Label: Gibbon Records

Release date: 2015-04-03

Catalog number: GIB010

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Sleeper Hold (TBengia Remix)
Benwaa, TBengia
Sleeper Hold (Balela Remix)
Benwaa, Balela
Sleeper Hold (Conion Remix)
Benwaa, Conion
Sleeper Hold (Thomas Gray & Midge Tyler Remix)
Benwaa, Thomas Gray, Midge Tyler
Sleeper Hold (Persistent Intergra Mix by Dada Davros)
Benwaa, Dada Davros
Sleeper Hold (Original Mix)

For our Tenth release we bring to you a reflection of our first.
Benwaa – Sleeper Hold the Remixes.
Each remix is one submitted to a competition to mark this small landmark for us.
Heading up the remixes is TBengia who brings something more Techno orientated to the table with a view to pushing your floors a little more and adding a little more of a melodic vibe to the track too.
Next Conion treats us to a straight up beefy Tech-House interpretation that is sure to set a fair few floors alight with it’s pure danceability.
Balela follows up with a summery groovy and subtle bouncy remix somewhere between tech-house and deep house it’s a remix that fits easily into a lot of record boxes.
Thomas Gray & Midge Tyler offer up something that again crosses over numerous genres, at moments it feels like deep tech leading into almost a progressive house vibe of the early 2000’s.
Following on from this we find ourselves in different territory altogether, with a subtle feeling of The Orb, Dada Davros create a unique electronica experience to give us a really chilled out vibe with layered hints of the melodies to round off the remixes.
And finally we present of course the original these remixes are based upon. Enjoy and Celebrate our 10th release with us!