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Blitz & Planck – Sinnlos [GIB025]

Blitz & Planck – Sinnlos [GIB025]

Label: Gibbon Records

Release date: 2016-03-07

Catalog number: GIB025

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Sinnlos (Original Mix)
Blitz & Planck
Sinnlos (Bootleg Ben Remix)
Bootleg Ben, Blitz & Planck
Sinnlos (Stefan Bondzio Remix)
Stefan Bondzio, Blitz & Planck

Blitz & Planck have their debut release on Gibbon Records with the wonderfully grooving Sinnlos. A bassline to die for that just insists you not only shake your ass, but smile like hell too. With an arp that helps drive the track to an even more happy place, how can you resist moving to this!
Bootleg Ben turns things on their head whilst also keeping the tech groove alive with his breakbeat remix. the original bassline set against wobbly lushness brings out the groove in a way the also shows us the deeper side of things.
Stefan Bondzio is up next and in typical Bondzio style he doesn’t disappoint with the tech house awesomeness one would expect from him. Changing things up completely, stripping down the original and really creating something his own, Bondzio does the original some serious justice with this great remix.