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Pilofre – Moment [GIB012]

Pilofre – Moment [GIB012]

Label: Gibbon Records

Release date: 2015-05-04

Catalog number: GIB012

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Moment (Original Mix)
Moment (Marten Sundberg Remix)
Marten Sundberg, Pilofrè

Pilofrè comes for his Debut on Gibbon Records with a feeling of contemplation with his Dub Techno track “Moment”. A deep and warm bassline holds us aloft whilst undulating organ lines drift us along on the wave of emotion pilofre conveys so well and so simply.
Marten Sundberg, fresh from his remix of GusGus – Airwaves, extends on the original, playing out the synth lines and warm bass with a more moving 4/4 rhythm, adding his own voice to reflect his own connection with the track, layered against flutes, this guides us towards a change of movement and pace in the feeling as Marten lifts things to move the dancefloor once more.
Truly an emotive release aimed at the true electronic music connoisseur.