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Ab+3 – Lighthouse (The Remixes) [GIB024]

Ab+3 – Lighthouse (The Remixes) [GIB024]

Label: Gibbon Records

Release date: 2016-02-08

Catalog number: GIB024

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Lighthouse (Unfug Remix)
Unfug, Ab+3
Lighthouse (Bootleg Ben Remix)
Bootleg Ben, Ab+3
Lighthouse (Luke Garcia Remix)
Luke Garcia, Ab+3
Lighthouse (Alex Bayer Remix)
Alex Bayer, Ab+3

Ab+3 – Lighthouse originally appeared on our 2015 Summer Compilation. Such as the response we just had to do something more with it.
Bootleg Ben starts us off and takes us down the path of sowed don, laid back deepness, with a hint of that psychedelic sounds we’re accustomed to from Ben. Bring out the melodious nature of the vocal in his instrumentation Ben creates a sublime feel to the track.
Luke Garcia is up next and boy does he deliver us something special. Throbbing techno bassline and percussion all combined to grace us with a very serious floor killer that not only reflects the original but really shows what Luke is all about in his sets too.
Unfug brings to the table his unique and trademark style. starting off in relaxed territory with lovely hand percussion that eventually leads us to a more intense and heavy vibe layered with guitars and pads.
Finishing up is remix competition winner Alex Bayer, who shows us a glimpse of the future with his forward looking take. Glitched out and FX’d percussion set against and drums and a boomy bass, this deep tech house version is a delight and shows exactly why he’s earned his release with such skills.