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Scobi – Electricity [GIB039]

Scobi – Electricity [GIB039]

Label: Gibbon Records

Release date: 2018-03-12

Catalog number: GIB039

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Electricity (Original Mix)
Electricity (Moonface Remix)
Moonface, Scobi
Electricity (Wolfgng's Pink Flamingo Remix)
Scobi, Wolfgng

Electricity was Scobi’s debut track on Gibbon, featuring on the Arboreal Summer compilation from 2017 it was a highlight of the compilation that deserved it’s own release alongside two stunning remixes

A wonderful and dynamic deep tech composition, with hypnotic aural delights rounded off with a sublime vocal, it’s a track that takes us from spring all the way back into summer for its warmth is akin to the sun shining down and charging us with its kinetic energy.

Moonface brings us his take on the original in the form of a grooving progressive house remix that only he could create. Pulling the light from the shadows cast by the originals shine, he crafts a bottom end movement that takes over the hypnosis created by the original and expands upon powering us into the depths of the evening with an ignition of tension throughout.

Wolfgng steps up the current and provides a us with a technoid galvanism of the elements, sparks of the vocal flicker throughout on top of an energetic and uplifting vibe that really adds some juice in that inimitable Wolfgng way. Grooving, cheeky almost menacing yet friendly at the same time.