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Gibbon Arboreal Podcast: 025 Sven Olson

Gibbon Arboreal Podcast: 025 Sven Olson

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Published on: 2016-05-01


or this podcast we extend the love beyond our treetops and towards another label – Kamarad Meyer Musik, with a showcase mix from label head Sven Olson.
He has been in the music biz for over 20 years now. As a DJ he presented his definition of electronic music between 1996 and 2006 in clubs and festivals all over Europe. In that period he co-founded the East-German Techno label “Nerven Records” on which he released two EPs under the synonym of DJ Bezz alongside releases from Techno pioneers such as DJ Rush and Mark Hawkins.

After quitting the music for the first time, he founded the fashion label “Yama Cha Hali” mainly designing street wear for over three years. He then returned to the music and co-ran the label “Playtracks”, a home for mostly deep Techno tunes. They even put out a record by Workshop-head Felix Kuhn who is better known as Lowtec.

When becoming a father of a girl he left the music industry again to “find out the real beauty of life”. But in all those years the now 40 year old had the desire to run his own label. In January 2015 he relesead the three Indie and Pop songs including single “Sonnenlicht”. During the time of production he already wanted them to be remixed for the club. So he asked good mates from the old days and in May of the same year the first Kamarad Meyer Musik release (Kamarad – Sonnenlicht Remixes) saw the light of day.

The mix he has done for this Gibbon Podcast include eleven tracks taken from Kamarad Meyer Musik’s back and current catalougue. In 60 minutes he proves his passion for electronic music with tracks by artists such as German Techno legend Torsten Kanzler (TK Records), the king of raw beats and sequences Andomat3000 ( Hörspielmusik – Stammheim) who did a remix for Kamarad’s song “Laufen” under the name Senor de la Casa and the first imported producer: Drew Miller from Glasgow.…/gibbon-arboreal-podcast-025-sven-o…


Sebastian Wolf – Doomsday // KMM004
Kamarad – Laufen (Senor de la Casa’s remix sin Metodo) // KMM001
Kamarad Meyer – Music Sounds Better Without You // KMM006
Kamarad – LFW (Less’ Schattenwolf Remix) // KMM001
Kamarad – Sonnenlicht ( Torsten Kanzler‘s Dubby Mood Mix) // KMM001
Drew Miller – Thagomizer // KMM007
Kamarad Meyer – TOTAL // KMM006
Sebastian Wolf – Waiting // KMM004
Detroites Wohnen – No Sad Beat // KMM002
Kamarad Meyer – Edrieschtal // KMM003
Kamarad – LFW ( Microghost‘s Funky Wolf Mix) // KMM001