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Gibbon Arboreal Podcast: 021 Stefan Bondzio

Gibbon Arboreal Podcast: 021 Stefan Bondzio

Stefan Bondzio

Published on: 2016-01-24

Ahead of his first ever full solo release, Stefan Bondzio graces us with an exclusive Arboreal podcast. Kicking of the mix is the Title track of the EP “Woodpacker” and it sets the tone nicely for not only what’s to come in the mix, but a real insight into Bondzio’s tastes and own sound too.
Check it out below, and watch out for 25 January for the EP to drop exclusively to Beatport!


01. Stefan Bondzio – Woodpacker
02. Markus Fix – Bo Boston
03. Juliche Hernández – Awake Night
04. Peter Funk – Say Something (Slow Vic Version)
05. Oliver Knight, Hugo Jones – Make it drop
06. Dario D’Attis ”Official”, Reto Ardour – Virtual Mood
07. Dave Martins (official) – Paranoid (Mimanos Vision)
08. Denis Horvat – Apart (Hyenah Remix)
09. Campaner, Eider – Feel Alive (Sasse Remix)
10. Francesco Dinoia – Electric Eyes
11. Subground – Battal Boy