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Gibbon Arboreal Podcast: 020 LauterBach

Gibbon Arboreal Podcast: 020 LauterBach

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Published on: 2015-12-20

It is with great pleasure that for our 20th Arboreal Podcast we present to you a DJ we’ve long admired here in Gibbon HQ, and it’s an honour for him to create this very special set for us and you. This final set of the year is created and blended by non other than Munich based LauterBach.
Having always been passionate about music, LauterBach began to mix his first sets just over 2 years ago, where he found he has a natural talent behind the decks. After playing many private open air parties, he played his first club gig in Tante Erna. Since that moment he’s been in high demand for his outstanding and unique sets. Playing regularly in clubs such as Rote Sonne, The Bullitt Club and Pimpernel where he holds a monthly residency. However this doesn’t mean he’s left the private parties and open airs behind either,
he can be found regularly playing the smaller more intimate gigs too.
Recently LauterBach joined force with some friends; CHRISKO, Fineschliff and Dave Marshall to create NachtEin TagAus. A concept that is initially focusing on creating and collating their own podcast series before moving on to create some open air parties and club nights in Munich, with the goal to be able to present young artists who deliver good and thoughtful sets and simple with the heart in the matter.
Check the links below to find out more about that project, and of course LauterBach’s own sets and output too!



Christopher Schwarzwalder, Mira (Berlin) – Ayun (Original Mix)
Turm 3 – What Is This Life For (Original Mix)
Fabian Schumann – Calling (Original Mix)
Karada, Pedro Mercado, Zoe Xenia – You Take Me There (Behind the Sun) (Rodriguez Jr. Alternative Remix)
Sweed – Finally Feat. Jalana (Lexer Remix)
Vamos Art – Purple Haze feat. Phable (Bassmelodie Remix)
Phonovoltaik, Micrologue – Particle (Amanic Remix)
DirrtyDishes, Laika & Strelka – Night Rider (Original Mix)
Dan Caster – Proof (Original Mix)
Ost & Kjex – Easy Feat. Jens Carelius (Undercatt Remix)
Edouard! – Warning Up (Teenage Mutants Remix)
Jonas Saalbach – Everything Changes (Gab Rhome Remix)
Madmotormiquel – Sad Reindeers (Mario Aureo & Manuel Moreno Remix)
YDNA – Safari (Original Mix)
Moti Brothers – Escape (Bangster Remix)
Pupkulies & Rebecca – Fou De Toi (Aaron Ahrends Remix)