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We Want Your Tracks! Arboreal Summer Vol.IV | Submissions open now

We Want Your Tracks! Arboreal Summer Vol.IV | Submissions open now

It’s that time of year where we reach out of the tree tops and extend an invitation to all producers of electronic music to get involved and send us their music for our Summer Compilation!
There are no boundaries on style or genre other than Electronic Music with emotion and feeling, if your tracks fit into that then please send them in, we’d love to hear from you!

Email us at using the subject line “GIbbon Summer Comp” so we know what the track is for.
NO LATER than the last day of APRIL 2018, Please DO NOT ATTACH FILES, send us a private streaming link to your fresh and unheard track instead! 🙂

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Use the email only

– Please keep in Mind: We are real people and would like to receive a personal message from you.Please allow 2 weeks for us to respond.
– Please, NO download links – use Soundcloud, or some other hosting site, so we can go straight to the tracks and listen.
– Keep your demo submission to original tracks, please no remixes.
– NO unfinished or short versions of your tracks.
– If using samples – make sure they are legal!
– Do not compress/master your tracks. We are looking for good dynamic range – not super loud, undynamic music.
– If we like your music then we will take care of all mastering requirements.

Please use the following email below:
Please do not use any other email address when you wish to mail us about your demo submission.

All tracks submitted must be shared privately from a soundcloud link to the label email. Any not privately shared or those that have been public before with many plays and/or downloads will automatically disqualify you from the compilation selection process, we want fresh unheard tracks only please!
If you don’t have a soundcloud account, other streaming services are fine as long as they offer equal ease and functionality to soundcloud – namely the ability to preview the track, and the ability to share privately.


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18 March 2018 Compilation Demos