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Drew Miller


Drew is a passionate producer of Electronic sounds who’s at his happiest when he’s up all night making music.

His love of dance music started in the late ‘80s when he discovered Acid House and underground parties. Influenced by regularly visiting nights such as Pure in Edinburgh, Keith McGyver’s Twitch, brothers Jason and Terry McDonald as their act Pussy Power. Drew found himself drawn to move from dancefloor to studio and got into producing music and buying gear, setting up his first studio with a TR-808, Juno 106, Akai MC50 and Akai S950 all initially recorded onto cassette and later on DAT.
It’s from those cassettes that Drew had his first release, sending off a demo to Woking based label, Vinyl Frontier (owned by the shop of the same name), in 1993 he had his first release under the name “Sensoria” releasing twice with them with tracks “Unreal” and “G Marks The Spot”, the latter of which found its way into Boy George’s Ultimate House Collection Vol.2 mix on Fantasia in1994. Whilst Dutch label Funny Vinyl, bought the rights to the two tracks and were re-released separately including a (then Funny Vinyl owners) Olav Basoski and Erik E remix of “UNREAL”
With every creation of his being precious to him, Drew took nearly 17 years to listen to that remix, and in that time had changed direction from music and come back again in midlife wonder to dusting off his gear, updating his studio and began to output his inimitable sound once more for a return in 2015. Having become a regular on Gibbon Records, and releasing on ASTIR, Kamarad Meyer Musik, Emerald & Doreen, to name but a few.

His current sound is electronic, progressive, technoid and very much his own. He has further releases on Gibbon coming up including his latest EP “Melodia Asssombrada” which includes remixes from German Techno engineer Torsten Kanzler, and also progressive house legend Silinder. Out on 7 May on Beatport, 21 May All Stores


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